How to sync your Withings scale with Garmin

March 29, 2024

To set things up, create a SmartScaleSync account and then connect Withings as your weight source and Garmin as a weight destination.

Going forwards, if you start a SmartScaleSync subscription ($18.99/year or $2.49/month), SmartScaleSync will automatically upload your completed weigh-ins to your Garmin account. All new users have a 7-day money back gaurantee.

The uploads to Garmin will include weight, body fat, bone mass, muscle mass, water %, and the timestamp of the weigh-in (as long as this data is present in Withings). Please note: you must have a Withings scale to use Withings as a source - the Withings API will only share weigh-ins that come from a Withings scale.

P.S. To see all of the other fitness platforms we support, head to our home page. If you want to send your weight to other destinations you can submit a destination request here.