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Connect your smart scale to fitness apps

82 Reviews"While I don’t use it [Smart Scale Sync] myself, a bunch of people seem pretty happy with it." - DC Rainmaker

How it works

  1. Sign up and start a subscription ($15/year or $2/month with a 7 day money back guarantee).
  2. Connect your fitness accounts and designate one as the source.
  3. We check throughout the day for new weight measurements and upload any to your linked accounts.
Smart Scale Sync is not affiliated with any of the fitness apps we support.
Supported SourcesSupported Destinations


(if not set as source)


Fitbit (if not set as source) (if not set as source)
Polar Flow
Zwift (via Fitbit) (via Fitbit)
Concept2 Logbook

Is your scale missing? You can submit a request here.

Is your weight destination missing? You can submit a request here.

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