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  1. How does your money back guarantee work?

    If you are not 100% satisfied within the first 7 days, email us and we'll give you a full refund. For information on our pricing please scroll down to Subscription Details.

  2. What weight metrics do you upload to each destination?

    Garmin ConnectWe upload weight, body fat %, body water %, skeletal muscle mass, bone mass, and a timestamp (when possible - your scale might not provide all of these values).
    TrainerRoad/Strava/Concept2/PelotonWe only upload weight. The other metrics are not supported by TrainerRoad, Strava, Concept2 Logbook, and Peloton.
    ZwiftZwift will pair natively with your Withings or Fitbit scale. If you don't have a Withings or Fitbit scale you can use Smart Scale Sync to get your weight into Zwift by connecting Fitbit as a destination (in Smart Scale Sync) and then pairing Zwift with Fitbit (from within Zwift). Zwift does not support body fat or any advanced weight metrics, it only accepts weight.
    FitbitWe upload weight, body fat %, and a timestamp for the weigh in (when possible - your scale might not provide all of these values). Other metrics are not supported by Fitbit.
    Polar FlowWe upload weight and a timestamp for the weigh in. Other metrics are not supported by Polar Flow.
    WithingsWe are not able to upload weight to Withings (the Withings API does not support this functionality). You can only use Withings as a source of weight data, you can not use it as a destination for weight data.
  3. My weight source or destination is not supported, can you add it?

    There are several scales which don't connect directly to Smart Scale Sync but they are still compatible because they connect with Fitbit. For example, the Renpho scale can auto-sync with Fitbit, and then you can set Fitbit to be your weight source in Smart Scale Sync.

    If your weight source is not supported you can submit a request here.

    If your weight destination is not supported you can submit a request here.

  4. How long will it take for my measurement to sync after I've weighed myself?

    Typically the service will sync new measurements within 5 minutes. If weights are not syncing we are likely already aware of the issue and looking into it, but feel free to reach out to us at support@smartscalesync.com. We also have a twitter feed where we post information regarding any outages.

  5. Why do you need my credentials and how are these kept secure?

    Garmin*, TrainerRoad, Concept2, Peloton, and Polar Flow do not provide a free API for 3rd party developers that allows weight uploads. We protect your credentials (password & username) within commercially acceptable means to prevent loss and theft, as well as unauthorised access, disclosure, copying, use or modification. Please refer to our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service for official and legally binding details. Your credentials are captured securely within a page running no 3rd party javascript hosted on a different domain (served within an iframe). They are then encrypted with AES-192, using a cipher that is further encrypted via a key managed through AWS Key Management Service. Your encrypted credentials are stored within Stripe customer metadata (where they are likely encrypted again by Stripe). Your encrypted credentials are fetched and decrypted within a temporarily provisioned container (AWS Lambda) only when a weight upload is triggered.

    * We do not require your Garmin credentials if you set Garmin as your source. Garmin credentials are only needed when it is configured as a destination.

  6. Garmin sent me an email saying that someone signed-in to my account from a new location.

    Smart Scale Sync signs-in on your behalf in order to upload your weighins (and *only* to upload weighins). This can trigger "suspicious activity" emails from Garmin.

    If you login to Smart Scale Sync and head to the settings page, you will find a timestamp from the last time Smart Scale Sync attempted to login to your account. This is not the timestamp of your last weighin, it's the timestamp of the most recent attempt to sync a weighin. Sometimes a sync will fail and it will be retried several hours after the weighin occured.

    If you are worried that someone else might have accessed your account you should absolutely reset your Garmin password. But be sure to update it in Smart Scale Sync or else the weighins can't be uploaded.

  7. My weighins stopped syncing with Garmin/TrainerRoad/Polar/Peloton/Concept2.

    Did you recently change your password for that service? If so you will have to update it in Smart Scale Sync, otherwise the service will not be able to login to your account to upload your weighins. If not, send us an email support@smartscalesync.com and we can take a closer look.

  8. Will I be able to unlink my fitness accounts from Smart Scale Sync?

    Yes. You can unconnnect your accounts at anytime from the settings page of Smart Scale Sync. When you perform these actions your encrypted API keys/credentials are deleted immediately.

  9. Do you sync my weight measurements from the past?

    Our subscription service will only sync measurements taken after your subscription has started and fitness accounts have been connected. However, if you would like to sync your full weigh-in history from Withings or Fitbit to Garmin, we now offer this as a separate serivce for $34.99. Please make sure you have already created a SmartScaleSync account before purchasing the history sync. We do not (yet) offer a full history sync between other platforms and Garmin but shoot us an email with what you are looking for.

  10. I signed up and connected my accounts but my new weigh-ins are not syncing to Garmin.

    First make sure you have connected the right accounts. Some users have had multiple Garmin accounts and have mistakenly connected the wrong one.

    Next make sure that you have agreed to Garmin's Terms of Service. Sometimes Garmin will prevent weight uploads if you have not agreed to their terms. You should log into your Garmin account and go to https://connect.garmin.com/modern/import-data. If you haven't agreed to their terms there will be a popup there telling you to agree to them.

    If you are still having issues please contact us at support@smartscalesync.com.

  11. My weigh-ins are uploading to Garmin but they are missing BMI.

    Garmin calculates BMI for each weighin using your height that is stored in Garmin Connect. If your BMI is not showing up, it usually means you need to set your height in Garmin Connect. When available, Smart Scale Sync will upload BMI from Withings/Fitbit. You should also make sure those services have your height.

    If you are still having issues after setting your height please contact us at support@smartscalesync.com.

  12. Can I configure multiple platforms to be my weight source at the same time (for example: Garmin and Withings)?

    No, you can only designate one platform to be a weight source at a time.

  13. Do you offer family-pricing for multiple users that share a scale?

    No, but you can submit a request here and we will let know you if we ever add a family plan.


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